Rat Zapper Idealife IL-290 Perangkap Tikus Electrik

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Electronic Rat Zapper Idealife IL-290 Perangkap Tikus Elektrik
Spesification :
Multiple safety Protection
notification for successfull catch
General Electric shock the mouse about three minute
Requires 4″D” batterises (not inckuded) or 6V 1000 mAh. AC Adapter
Smart circuit teckhnelogy senses radent to triger electronic shock
Easy to use, for clean & quick trapping Reusable
Hygibiec and safe no touch disposal
Gift Box Dimension : 27.8 x 12.4 x 10 Cm
Outer Carton Dimension : 40 x 29.7 x 24.5 Cm
Kg per Carton : 5.8 Kg
Kg per Pcs : 796 g

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Berat 1100 g


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